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Hunting for deep pockets (Los Caprichos)

Posted in Los Caprichos, platinum palladium by Sheila Newbery on September 24, 2014
"A caza de bolsillos profundos" from *Los Caprichos: after Goya* (platinum palladium print, 2014)

“A caza de bolsillos profundos” from *Los Caprichos: after Goya* (platinum palladium print, 2014)

The auction biz is a growth industry — with the white hot molten core in New York seeking new nodes in the bubble economies of California. Who are these new, tremendously juicy west coast elites suddenly swelling in the old houses’ appreciation?  “A younger generation of Hollywood producers and actors in Southern California including Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire; venture capital firms and hedge funds in San Francisco; technology executives in Silicon Valley; and wealthy Chinese and Indian families all along the coast”, according to Sotheby’s newly appointed west coast chief (see Sotheby’s Uses $200 Million of Art to Woo West Coast Rich).

(Los Caprichos is a series of platinum palladium prints inspired by Goya’s 18th-century album of the same name.)