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Los Caprichos: Mucho hay que chupar

Posted in Uncategorized by Sheila Newbery on July 23, 2017



“Mucho hay que chupar” (There is much to suck), palladium print on Arches Platine paper, 2017.

An image from the series Los Caprichos: after Goya, a book project inspired by the satirical 18th-century album of the same name.

Caprichos means literally: whims. Images from this series are photographed from video source and printed using the platinum-palladium method. In keeping with the original’s mordant titles, I’ve given each image a caption — in Spanish.

Though this one is a direct quote from one of Goya’s captions, the image takes the viewer to a context very different from its eighteenth-century counterpart. The artist Enrique Chagoya also adapted the Caprichos: his approach was to copy Goya’s imagery making strategic alterations. In his version of the print that bears this caption, he makes the artist’s theme more explicit. You can see his print in the collection of MOMA.