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Still life with Bosc pears

Posted in Still life, Uncategorized by Sheila Newbery on August 21, 2014
Still life with vases and Boscs, 2014 © Sheila Newbery

Still life with vases and Boscs, 2014 © Sheila Newbery

Turning to the world inside the studio at the moment — and there’s a lot going here. I’ve submitted a portfolio of the Ohio Woods work to Photolucida’s 2014 Critical Mass. This is my first time doing it, so I’m not sure what to expect or how fruitful it’ll be. Meanwhile, the Caprichos are undergoing intensive changes and each one requires hours of focused work. Sometimes I need a change of pace — so I’ve been doing some still life. It sounds easy, or at least easier, than many types of photography, but it in fact it’s a mysterious and exacting discipline. I’ve been an admirer of Jan Groover’s work for some time, and still remember a Morandi show at SF’s Paul Thiebaud Gallery that I saw years ago. I’d always meant to set aside the time to work at it.

We’ve got a great junk shop here in Berkeley — Urban Ore; it’s where I bought the trunk this group is sitting on. It’s not too heavy (the trunk), and I can move it around the studio, following the light. One thing I’ve learned the hard way: every object has to contribute vitality to the picture.

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