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Posted in Other Photographers, Uncategorized by Sheila Newbery on September 6, 2012
Departure (2011) Sheila Newbery

Departure (2011) Sheila Newbery

Here’s an interesting piece by Brian Dillon (writing for the London Review of Books) on John Stezaker, winner of the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. Dillon’s is a vivid description of Stezaker’s art and he takes a wry delight in the artist’s  ‘incisive’ technique, which involves introducing shards of imagery (sliced with a scalpel), or indeed whole photographs, into other photographs. As Dillon notes, there has been some complaint online (bitter tweets, etc.) that Stezaker is not an actual photographer. But unlike many contemporary photographers, Stezaker remains devoted to the physicality of prints — In which respect he’s refreshingly old school. (For Dillon’s review of the artist’s extensive 2011 show at the Whitechapel Gallery, click here.)

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