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¡Oh — ser una chica rica!

Posted in Los Caprichos by Sheila Newbery on December 14, 2011
¡Oh -- ser una chica rica! (2011) from *Los Caprichos*

¡Oh -- ser una chica rica! (2011), palladium print from *Los Caprichos*

An image from Los Caprichos: after Goya, an artist’s book in the making. It’s titled after Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes’ well known album of eighty aquatints (with captions), which the artist published in 1799 after a debilitating illness.

‘Los Caprichos’ means literally: whims. Each image involves an initial digital capture from a video source; rephotographing on an old 4×5 Crown Graphic press camera; and finally printing in platinum-palladium (a traditional process) on Bergger paper.

In keeping with Goya’s sharp-edged commentary, I’ve given each of the images a caption — in Spanish.

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