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Night Vision

Posted in Other Photographers by Sheila Newbery on May 5, 2011

My first job out of college (as an art history major) was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC). It was a low-paying secretarial job in a curatorial department; I have no idea how I managed to live on that salary, but one of the few true perks of working there was the sight of the galleries on empty Mondays. One couldn’t really linger, of course, but to hold the gaze of Velásquez’ Juan de Pareja, say, in extravagant privacy for a few moments a few times a month was unforgettable…

Today the museum was bulging with people; it took a fair amount of concentration just to squeeze through the galleries, not bump into anyone, not block anyone’s line of vision… I didn’t get to see Señor Pareja, but I did have a memorable encounter with this portrait, by French photographer Patrick Faigenbaum (part of the Night Vision exhibit, on through 9/18):

Portrait de ma Mère (1977) © Patrick Faigenbaum

Portrait de ma Mère (1977) © Patrick Faigenbaum

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