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Graffiti in its own words

Posted in On the street by Sheila Newbery on February 8, 2011
Tags (Berkeley, 2011)  © Sheila Newbery

Tags (Berkeley, 2011) © Sheila Newbery

The taggers and bombers of the street art movement of the 70s/80s weren’t so very different from the present-day blogger: fame accrued by the number of hits, and if you were prolific, your name could travel everywhere.  The working man/woman hurtling through a tunnel en route to the office would live, breathe your thirst for a voice.

The spray-can was a catapult; the pixel is a shooting star

On the recent history of street art in the northeastern US:

Graffiti in its own words

History of Graf

and a show I wish I hadn’t missed.

By the way, there’s a booming street art movement in Rio de Janeiro. On a visit there six months ago to see family, I was struck by the brilliance and ambition of the work.  Some examples...

Update (2/15/2011): The ubiquitousness and vitality of street art has inspired at least one book-length history of graffiti in a major urban center: Yvette Farkas’ Toronto Graffiti: the Human Behind the Wall, a 480-page self-published anthology (with interviews and photographs) details the evolution of the street arts community over the past 30 years in Toronto.  The book is available at http://www.torontograffiti.ca.

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  1. Julie Rehmeyer said, on February 11, 2011 at 9:33 am

    I love that shot! And the street art in Rio is remarkable.

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