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Hidden Target

Posted in Landscape by Sheila Newbery on July 29, 2010

Albany, California’s Target store screened by poplars on nearby playing fields.

Hidden Target (Albany, CA) © Sheila Newbery

Hidden Target (Albany, CA) © Sheila Newbery

Gregg Steinhafel, CEO
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

July 28, 2010

Dear Mr. Steinhafel,

I’m writing to tell you that after years of being a Target customer,
I’ve decided to boycott your stores. The reason is your generous
support of Michele Bachmann: it shows that your company’s values lie
openly with right wing zealots who advocate hate-based politics and
the promulgation of vicious bigotry.

So, I conclude that shopping at Target has become too dangerous:
thanks to the recent precedent in campaign finance law (Citizens
United vs. FEC), if I spend money at Target stores, I now know that
I’ll be directly supporting Bachmann and everything she stands for.

Under these circumstances, my civic duty is clear: to boycott
Target. I’ll do everything I can to encourage my friends to do
likewise — I don’t think it’ll be hard to persuade them.


Sheila Newbery
Berkeley, CA