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Light show: sketching with traffic (6 drawings)

Posted in Uncategorized by Sheila Newbery on March 19, 2010

Passing cars are the light source and the abrupt terminations of some of the lines indicate the presence of obstacles (such as trees) between light source and lens. A few of the lights present in the drawings derive from stationary sources, such as streetlamps, and in several of the photos more than one passing car contributes to the making of the pattern.

Headlights no. 1 © Sheila Newbery

Headlights no. 2 © Sheila Newbery

Headlights no. 3 © Sheila Newbery

Headlights no. 4 © Sheila Newbery

Headlights no. 5 © Sheila Newbery

Headlights no. 6 © Sheila Newbery

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