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On the school bus

Posted in Other Photographers, portraits by Sheila Newbery on January 23, 2010

I’m an admirer of Reuben Cox‘s series School Bus. I like them as photographs — quick-thinking, utterly fluid observations of actual children; as singular portraits; and, taken together, as an unmannered, penetrating visual study. Cox gives us intimations of the adult world with its wear and tear, its vast loneliness directly coterminous with the compartments of childhood; he shows us the casual violence of jockeying for social standing among one’s peers; and he reminds us of the arduous efforts — and delights — of being a child.

Blessedly, he doesn’t wear his art as armature. The children are allowed to approach as closely as we. And the frank, unerring vitality of the photos allows them to speak for themselves.

© Reuben Cox

© Reuben Cox

© Reuben Cox

© Reuben Cox

© Reuben Cox

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