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Darzacq’s Dancers

Posted in Other Photographers by Sheila Newbery on October 15, 2009
© Denis Darzacq

© Denis Darzacq

Denis Darzacq’s images in the latest issue of Deep Sleep Magazine, devoted to dance, are an intriguing combination of magic and mundanity. The mundanity is courtesy of the shopping venues that supply the mise-en-scène for the photos: supermarkets, hardware stores, discount outlets, etc. The magic is provided by the human figures, dressed ordinarily, that float or fly above the ground in states of dynamic suspension, looking calmly adept at their aerial maneuvers. No one but the viewer is surprised by the configuration of body and context that results: the shots are a carefully executed series, very much in the vein of the serial conceptualism so prevalent in contemporary Art Photography, but I warm to them in a way I assume I’m not generally meant to with such heady stuff…

There is the deftness of the compositions, the powerful physical grace of his dancers, floaters, or whatever they are, and there is, too, the appealingly mischievous idea that such lyric, effortless-seeming insurrections could take place in the oceanic wastelands of fluorescent light that are the eye-numbing reality of the modern retail outlet.

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