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Posted in Artisans & Merchants by Sheila Newbery on August 24, 2009

From the Artisan & Merchant series:  Douglas Greene comes from a family of highly-skilled goldsmiths. His shop (now closed) in Berkeley, California  was filled with the staccato conversation of hundreds of ticking clocks that would erupt into a gleefully discordant tolling  at regular intervals.

In this picture, he’s repairing an Austrian lyre clock (circa 1836) whose bells  chime every quarter-hour. He explained that the springs (actually thin ribbons of tightly wound metal) are loaded under such pressure that one has to work carefully in removing or adjusting them.  A spring  released incautiously can explode with force sufficient to take off a finger.

Douglas Green (Berkeley, CA) © Sheila Newbery

Douglas Greene (Berkeley, CA) © Sheila Newbery

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